Lab Equipment and Software Version

  • Cisco ISR 2900 Series routers running IOS version 15.3T Universal Software release
    Catalyst 3560X Series switches running IOS version 15.0SE Universal (IP Services) Software release

Any other hardware platform that can run equivalent Cisco IOS Software Release 15.3T or 15.0SE may be used as well.


Our R&S v5 Physical Racks contain:

  • (1) 2900 branch routers version 15.4.1T
  • (9) 2800 branch routers version 15.4.1T
  • (4) 3560 switches version 15.1

Our R&S v5 Virtual Racks contain:

  • (20+) branch routers version 15.4.1T
  • (3+) backbone routers version 15.4.1T
  • (5+) isp routers version 15.4.1T
  • (6+) switches version 15.1      
  • virtually, any environment you need, we can provide.

Rack Access :

  • Anyconnect VPN will be required
  • Once connected to the VPN, you will have direct console access to each device
  • If you need a seperate window for each device, simply start a telnet session to the port of each device