Lab Equipment SPv4.0 (coming soon - pre-order now)

  • P, PE, and RR role: ASR 9000 series running IOS-XR 5.2. Release
  • RR and PE role: ASR 1000 series running IOS-XE 3.13 (15.4S) Release
  • PE and CE role: Cisco 7600 series running IOS 15.4S Release
  • Access and Aggregation: ME 3600 series running IOS 15.4S Release 

Rack Access :

  • Use any telnet application of your choice
  • Once connected to the terminal server, you will have direct console access to each device
  • If you need a seperate window for each device, simply telnet to the terminal server and connect to a device then open another telnet session to the terminal server and connect to the next device and repeat